For most lists you are going to want some type of spreadsheet editor to read and edit.  Common editors would be Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and LibreOffice.

This quick tutorial shows you how to use multiple filters to get the targeted list that you want.
How to merge / combine multiple CSV lists together.  This makes things much faster when it comes to cleaning your list than having to clean multiple lists. CSV Merging tools Online Merging Tool Online Merging Tool Here’s how to do it in Command Prompt CSV merge and split program
Cleaning your lists with Excel.  Quick instructions on how to remove duplicates, how to remove multiple rows that have information in a cell that you don’t want.

Some of the files on this site are shared through ThunderDrive.  This is how to download files from ThunderDrive.  If there is a password protection screen you will find the password on the page where the link was shared.