Instant Access to Millions of Fresh Leads Daily

Many leads include name, address, phone number and email address.  So they are perfect for a multi-touch strategy.  Create fresh email lists, mailing lists, cold calling lists at the click of a button without waiting hours.  Easy to export lists in multiple formats.

Millions of instant leads and growing every week.

Last Lead or Site Update April 6, 2020


Freshest Possible Leads

New leads every week.  No lead source is 100% accurate but we have some of the most accurate lead information available online.

New Niche Based Lists in Seconds

Targeting certain types of businesses?  Create a new list based on whatever niche you are going after in just seconds.

No programs or scripts to install

Saves you time and money.  No need to wait hours for your scraper, no need to waste money on proxies or buying scrapers that will eventually break.

Get Fresh Leads Instantly!

We’ve changed almost everything about our system and added even more data with more data sources.

Tired of waiting hours and hours for your scraper to compile a list?  Then you have to look for good proxies that will keep your scraper running…which can cost a lot of money on top of what you’re already paying for your data scraper.  Then you don’t know if the information is fresh or its outdated information.

With Lead Guide you can build your first list in 30 seconds and export your list into multiple formats for the ultimate in compatibility with programs, scripts and services that you are currently using.  Thousands of new lead entries are added weekly so that you know that you are getting the freshest data.

Remember the saying, “If you’re not first, you’re last?”  Our data is so fresh that you can be the first person or company to contact them.  This means you have the first shot at getting the sale.

The possibilities are endless.  With our system you can search by keyword, niche or business type, location, and even by the date the lead was added.  You can even spy on your competitors.

Lock your membership in now because prices will increase soon.  This is beta member pricing, while we iron out some of the kinks and optimize everything.

  • Fast Leads
  • Multiple Points of Contact
  • Weekly Updates
  • Fresh Information
  • Multiple Filters to get targeted information
  • No need for proxies or scrapers
  • 24/7 Online Access from any device
  • Best of all super easy to use

Also included access to downloadable databases/files with millions of more email addresses, tools that can help you and much more.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Over 27 million businesses sorted by state and filterable by Business Name, SIC categories, Contact Names, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Website, Year Founded, Location Type, Market Variable, Annual Revenue and Industry.  Value $10,000.

Over 3.3 million businesses listed with email address and filterable by Business Name, Categories, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Website and Email.  Value $5,000.

Whois and domain registration of millions of websites and businesses includes Registration Date, Name, Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Email, Phone, Fax and more. There are usually over 500,000 new records and emails added every week.  Value $300 per month.

Separate complete databases of different niches/industries with contact information such as cannabis vendors, doctors, real estate agents and much more, there are millions of more results here and consistently growing.  Value $400 per month.

Access to over 100 other databases.  Value $500.

Over 5 million spam traps to download and help keep you safe.  Value $200.

Over 200,000 direct links to contact form pages.  If you know what to do with these, these are gold.  Value $90.

Access to emailers with tips on delivery and how to use.  Value $300.

Tips to find more emails, databases, access to thousands of free tutorials that can help you and access to a program that can help you clean your emails.  Value $200.

Access to future updates and new features as long as you’re a member.  Value PRICELESS.

If you add all of the data up there are billions of records…and GROWING.

This is a real-world value of over $23,000 per year and you can get started for as low as $37 and have access to everything.

Special Bonus!!!

Just added.  Fresh proxy lists.  Checked multiple times per day.

You don’t need proxies to use our service but there are tons of other services and programs that you might want to use that need proxies.

We’re trying to make this membership as all-inclusive as possible.

These proxies can be used for many projects.

Most lists have thousands of proxies in them, so you always have something to work with.

Value $20 per month.

Bonus: Request a List (Included with Membership)

We can’t make any promises on whether your request will be filled but we have fulfilled many requests for custom business lists.  Inside the member’s area there is a section where you can make requests.

You send us the city, state or just the state and the niche or business type that you want to target and as long as we have server capacity and can get the list, we will send you the full list.

We normally add the lists onto this site.  So it’s a win-win for you and for other members of this site.

Limited to one request per member, per month.

Plans and Pricing

All plans include unlimited access to our instant leads system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits?

There are no limits currently.  You can download and search day and night with no limits.  Lock yourself in to our most flexible terms and lowest pricing now!

Is your system hard to learn?

No.  It’s probably the easiest system we’ve seen to get leads.  There really is no learning curve.  Look at the video above.  In seconds you could have your first list built or you can easily download our niche specific lists.

Are there any upsells?

No.  You get access to everything.

If you need us to provide other services for you, we do offer many services.

What format are the lists in?

We offer multiple list formats for each list that you create.  You can print right from the page, we have Excel and CSV format, you can press the Copy button and paste it into your favorite text editor or program and we have PDF format.

We also have many downloadable lists that are in CSV (Excel) and TXT (text) formats.

Can I just buy one or two lists from you?

Sure but it costs more than subscribing for a month.  Some members subscribe for a month get what they need and cancel their subscription so that they aren’t charge further.  Then as needs arise they come back and subscribe again.

We have no problem with that.  We know that some companies don’t need hundreds of lists, when a few can last several months.

Some of our current lists available for immediate download:


Accident Attorney
Acting School
Appliance Repair
Auto Parts Store
Automobile Salvage
Ballet Schools
Book Store
Bookkeeping Services
Cannabis Vendors
Carpet Installer
Cell Phone Dealers
Check Cashing
ClickFunnels Sites
Collection Agency
Comedy Club

Consignment Shop
Credit Repair
Customs Broker
Direct Mail Advertising
Driving School
Dry Cleaner
Drywall Contractor
Dumpster Rental
Elder Law Attorneys
Elevator Contractors
Fishing Bait and Tackle

Flea Market
Funeral Home
Furnace Repair
Furniture Store
Garage Door Repair
Gun Shop
Hair Implants
Health Food Stores
Home Builders
Home Health Care
Home Inspector
Insurance Companies
Kitchen Cabinet Remodel
Laser Hair Removal

Life Insurance
Liquor Store
Loan Officers
Maid Service
Martial Arts Schools
Medical Spa
Modeling Agencies
Notaries Public
Pawn Shop
Personal Injury Lawyer
Pest Control
Pool Service
Print Shop
Private Investigator
Property Management

Real Estate Agents
Retaining Walls Contractors
Retirement Home
Stock Broker
Surplus Store
Tanning Salon
Tattoo Shop
Tax Preparation
Tour Operator
Tree Removal
Vape Shops
Walk In Clinic
Water Damage Restoration
Web Design

Plus much, much more.  We are constantly adding new lists.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.